What is Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy?

When you have problems in your life, you can already say a lot about them. Yet, often nothing changes. The Focusing process introduces a new way of working with your problems.

Underneath your normal level of consciousness, it is possible to find a bodily sense of your issue. You definitely feel this in your body, but its meaning might seem vague.  Soon a bodily knowing emerges that is fresh and surprising. A different kind of change process happens when you find this inner connection. 

You learn to listen to your body in a special way, and your own answers come. Over time, you can develop a deep sense of well-being and feel that your life is moving forward in ways that fit your deepest self.

How May Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy be Helpful?

You will develop a deep capacity to notice your own bodily responsiveness and how to listen to the wisdom of your body. 

You will learn new ways to cope with stress that increase your resilience and vitality.

Your capacity to experience unconditional love and respect for yourself and others will strengthen. 

You will experience guidance from within towards greater well-being and self-care.

You will experience greater confidence to express your deepest desires.

The quality of intimacy in relationships will grow. 

Your spiritual practices will be easier to sustain and embody in your daily life.

When Might Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy be Most Helpful?

If you seek wholeness and:

  • Suffer from anxiety or depression
  • Have experienced trauma in your life but don't know how to heal
  • Are grieving a significant loss
  • Want fulfillment in a significant relationship
  • Are learning how to adapt to a different culture
  • Want to learn more about chronic patterns of living that constrict your growth
  • Wanting to learn how to listen to a deeper, still small voice, from within

Then Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy may be helpful to you.

Doralee listens always for my deepest desire that wants to come forth. This has helped me pay attention more to what I really want in
my life. And that is helping me find the courage to make changes that will bring me to where I want to be.
— M.L.
Seeing Doralee for individual therapy was a wonderful experience for me. She provided all of the essential ingredients: compassion, non-judging, interested curiosity, and gentle confrontation. And she did it all with a calmness that always set me at ease. She was a model for me in how to treat myself with greater kindness. I was able to face issues more honestly with her than I had been able to do with anyone else because of the safe environment she created. She wove Focusing in with therapy in a seamless manner. I emerged from our session with greater self-acceptance and inner peace. I can’t recommend Doralee highly enough!
— former client