Often your body knows more than your mind about what is needed for further health and physical healing. You will learn how to cultivate the “Focusing Attitude,” a gentle curiosity that you bring to your Felt Sense. Information emerges from the body that is very specific and provides further wisdom that can complement a medical protocol or statistically based recommendations. When this information comes, there is a natural easing within and a deeper trust in your own resources develops. When the specificity of a step is acted upon this kind of self-care seems to impact physiology in the direction of greater health and well-being.

If you seek well-being and:

  • Struggle with puzzling physical symptoms.
  • Are experiencing overwhelming stressors.
  • Need to make a medical decision and are uncertain as to what is best.
  • Suffer from chronic pain.
  • Want to make life-style changes.
  • Are facing a serious illness.
  • Want to listen to the wisdom your body.

Then this Holistic Approach may be helpful to you.

I was in a lot of physical pain. When Doralee first engaged with me I kept saying,‘don’t want to talk about it.’ As she reflected my reluctance to engage with my severe discomfort, I began to be more friendly to how hard it was to live with this condition. Slowly words and images emerged that brought relief. I explored my fear and the disappointment that my medical condition was preventing me from traveling to Japan. Unexpectedly I became aware of a pressing need to be taken care of and I began to cry — a really deep sobbing cry. Then I began to feel better and more deeply with myself and the value of my life. Then I ‘knew’ what I needed to do to address my medical condition. I worked with my physician and very soon I was feeling much better and free of pain.
— R.B.