Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and Training

Sacramento, Woodland and Davis, California

Doralee Grindler Katonah, Psy.D. M.Div.

I have been practicing from an embodied approach to spiritually-oriented psychotherapy for over 35 years. Early in my life I "knew", that these two pathways (spiritual and personal growth) are intertwined and it has been my life work to learn how to be a healing presence for those seeking a kind of wholeness that is rich with spiritual purpose. 

Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy understands that our bodies carry an intricate 'knowing' about what is needed for growth. Steps of change emerge that express both our uniqueness and our relatedness with all of life.

Spirit Body Exploration

Spirituality is about being fully alive. “Living forward in wholeness” is one way of saying that we are not separate beings; rather aliveness is possible because we are connected to, participate in, are constituted by the ever flowing openings of life itself.


Mind-body Healing

Often your body knows more than your mind about what is needed for further health and physical healing. You will learn how to cultivate the “Focusing Attitude,” a gentle curiosity that you bring to your Felt Sense.

The Soldiers Project

The Soldiers Project was established to provide free psychological services to military personnel who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and their loves ones. Focusing on healing the hidden wounds of war.