Safety and Connection

If you are searching for a way to heal, or a desire for a more authentic life, I offer to sit with you and to listen deeply; to work with you to create a safe space where there is acceptance and an invitation to explore. I will bring my full humanity to our work and respond with honesty and empathy.

Opening to Your Larger Self

I am skilled at opening up an inner connection to your deeper self, where we can listen together for the 'still small voices' that know more than your conscious thoughts about what is needed for your life and purpose and how to make changes.


I believe that transformational change is a creative process.  When I respond to the uniqueness of each person something fresh happens between us that fosters self-expression and authenticity. I offer my knowledge of many helpful healing processes as they arise in our relationship; however, I don't work from protocols, per se. 




I believe that 'something larger' and greater' than each of us will also be present in our work together. We will make room for the entwining of spirit, mind, and body to guide and bring clarity to your purpose and highest aspirations.

Steps of Change

As you discover small steps of change, your life will move forward in the growth direction that is true for you.



Through this process your body will ease and your heart will open more fully into life. You will experience courage to make a change outside your normal patterns or assumptions towards greater well-being.