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Spirit/Body Exploration
The Body as Tuning Fork for Spirit

Spirituality is about being fully alive. “Living forward in wholeness” is one way of saying that we are not separate beings; rather aliveness is possible because we are connected to, participate in, are constituted by the ever flowing openings of life itself.

My approach to Spirit/Body Exploration can help you address the issues that block the natural way in which your body is guiding you towards spiritual openings. As the issues are released, your body opens. As your guide I will help you learn to listen for the signals forming in your body that move you towards spirit. Spirit is then free to work through both of us to bring healing, love, and compassion to whatever situation we are in.

I believe that our bodies already know how to resonate with spirit. It is possible to directly sense our wholeness, in a space felt within our bodies, even while our problems or issues are present. Connecting to our wholeness directly through the body enables a different kind of change process.

To live this, to embody this, is a challenge. How do we realize this way of being? Below are four ways I offer help to address obstacles along the way and to nurture the integration of your personal and spiritual development.

Spiritual Discernment
For people seeking to deepen their spiritual lives learning new ways to listen within may make a difference. Many people experience a taste of being fully alive; yet, it is difficult to bridge these experiences to make a difference in meeting life’s challenges. My approach helps you find a Clearing within, a Space that opens directly from the body where you feel free, a sense of coming home to yourself. Through working from this Cleared Space, the possibility of living from one’s deepest purpose becomes real and embodied. A growing ability to feel self-love and compassion for others occurs. You will discover the many ways in which life invites your spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Crisis
Moments in our life journey can bring with them a spiritual crisis. Perhaps in the midst of worldly success, you sense an inner emptiness or lack of meaning. Sometimes the death of a loved one, or a hurtful betrayal brings the pain of injustice and leads to questions about your faith or religious beliefs you have held dear. You may wonder whether life has any meaning at all. You may rage at God. At another time, you may suddenly be overcome by a profound experience but don’t know how to integrate the meaning of this experience. Finding a safe place to openly explore the significance of these events can make the difference between merely coping with these events and participating fully in a spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Bypassing
In order to grow as a whole person all aspects of our living need attention with an invitation to grow. However, sometimes certain issues, emotions, or long-term patterns function outside our awareness and we don’t know why we continue to feel unfulfilled, empty inside, or ‘stuck’ in our lives. This can occur even when we are sincerely practicing a form of meditation, prayer, ritual, or worship, and are actively contributing to our community. Many of us value our spiritual practices while at the same time avoiding deep-seated issues we don’t know how to address.

For example, Ben meditated every day and experienced calm and wellbeing yet didn’t understand why his marriage remained problematic. Susan got up every morning to read the Bible and pray and yet, when she went to work her anxiety continued to interfere with her ability to concentrate. Sam finally realized that he was idealizing his pastor to make up for his own doubt about his value as a person. Marge didn’t want to face the consequences of the verbal abuse from her husband and her meditation practice helped her to dissociate from the intense emotions that overwhelmed her.

My approach will help you to sustain the ‘right’ distance from difficult issues so you can find new understandings rather than reliving the problem or just being upset. This kind of exploration can enhance your spiritual practice and help you to be true to what is most precious to you.

Spiritual Intimacy
Something very profound occurs between people who are listening for the movement of the spirit in their lives. What comes between people is bigger than you or me. There is a gift to be given and received through an open exchange that includes the courage to be spiritually vulnerable. Many of us seek this kind of connection; yet, often spiritual practices are done alone or in silence in a group. Less emphasis is placed upon the potential for spiritual intimacy; yet, in our encounter with each other something alive is freshly emerging in the shared moment. You may want to foster relationships in your life that nurture your spiritual life. Spirit/Body Exploration may help open these doors.