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The Living body of Wholeness

Transformational Focusing: A Wholebody/Spiritbody Integration

September 9-12, 2010
Santa Rabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA. 94901

Workshop Leaders: Glenn Fleisch, Ph.D., MFT, Doralee Grindler Katonah, Psy.D., M.Div.

Announcing a Workshop Retreat in a beautiful natural setting to engage a deep unfolding of the expression of our desires as we open to the well-spring of life itself. Enjoy the guidance of two experienced Focusing teachers who will weave the practices of Wholebody Focusing and Spiritbody Focusing together into a dance of the living body. more...



The Body as a Tuning Fork for Spirit

Audio Conversation with Doralee Grindler Katonah (30 min)

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Integrating Focusing with Health Care

by Joan Klagsbrun, Coordinator, USA. Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D., is a psychologist on the faculty at Lesley University in Boston...There are many ways in which Focusing can be used as an effective tool in the area of health care....

"Focusing in Focus"
Information regarding Thinking at the Edge - a new methodology for developing your ideas.

Nada Lou

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The Focusing Institute website is rich with resources.

For example...

The Focusing Partnership Program is now active!

"I am tremendously happy with the program. It seems like a complete success and very well implemented. I have found two focusing partners."
Many people all over the country have a focusing partnership. This means that they receive a half hour of attention from another person, and then they give the person a half hour of their attention, at least once a week at a regular time, either in person or on the phone.

Most people use the time to work on their main concerns that day, which might be inner experiences, their attempts to develop as people, or a difficult letter to write, the next thing to do in one’s work, or whatever one finds uppermost.

Your partner offers no advice, no judgments, no comments. We have learned that people can go deeper and arrive at creative steps forward, if the listener refrains from adding anything in. Judgments, advice and comments express the person who is giving them, not the person to whom one is listening. Your partner will not say that your talk is superficial, or that it doesn’t make sense, or that you are wrong, weak, or selfish, nor will the partner praise one thing and condemn another thing in you, or in what you say. We only say what we want to.

Our partnership program is open to anyone with experience or training in Focusing partnership. If you click on the Request a Partner link, our questionnaire will help you determine if you have that experience. If you do not, we have a coaching program that can help you get started in a partnership after just two sessions, which can be done on the phone. Many people find it helpful to have more Focusing and listening training beyond the two sessions, and skilled and experienced Focusing trainers are available in many countries around the world.
Request a partner:

An opportunity to receive free confidential professional counseling for military service members and their families.


The Soldiers Project was established to provide free psychological services to military personnel who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and their loves ones. The mission of The Soldiers Project is to bring together volunteer licensed mental health professionals in order to:

  • Provide free and confidential counseling
  • Educate the community regarding the psychological effects of war
  • Provide in-depth training on combat trauma to our volunteer therapists

For more information or for an appointment

Call:  877-557-5888