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Mind/Body Healing
A Holistic Approach to working with Health Issues and Life Style Change:

Often your body knows more than your mind about what is needed for further health and physical healing. You will learn how to cultivate the “Focusing Attitude,” a gentle curiosity that you bring to your Felt Sense. Information emerges from the body that is very specific and provides further wisdom that can complement a medical protocol or statistically based recommendations. When this information comes, there is a natural easing within and a deeper trust in your own resources develops. When the specificity of a step is acted upon this kind of self-care seems to impact physiology in the direction of greater health and well-being.

Preventive Health-Care and Life Style Change
I work with people who want to develop preventive health practices and make life-style changes that support a more balanced and holistic way of life. Each of us ‘knows’ what it would feel like if we were living from a place of wholeness. Through Focusing I facilitate a direct access to this felt knowing. Once this is accessed, emotional reactivity subsides and a greater relaxation becomes available. This leads to a process of self-discovery and steps of change that lead to significant changes in how you live each day.

Physical Symptoms and Disease
I have worked for over 20 years with health-related issues including chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, serious illness including cancer and heart disease, addictive behaviors, stress-related symptoms including shortness of breath, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and issues of weight. Symptoms of depression and/or anxiety often accompany these diagnoses and treatment effects. Your active engagement in your health increases immunocompetency. I have written an article relating to chronic bronchitis, click here to read.

I combine knowledge of the relaxation response, ways to change coping patterns, guided imagery, meditation techniques, and social support, with ways of applying the Focusing process to discover meanings held by the body. I also facilitate accessing your unique spiritual awareness as part of my holistic approach. These processes enhance the immune system, relieve the intensity of symptoms, increase overall wellbeing and self-care behaviors, and often lead to changes in your sense of the meaning of your life.

Medical Decision-Making
I have experience in helping people make difficult medical decisions. Your physician provides her or his recommendations yet, what is best for you is not necessarily clear. Sometimes fear and anxiety contribute to your inner turmoil regarding the decision. 

It is best to have peace of mind and confidence in your decision as you go forward with your health care. I will work with you to sort out your concerns and help you to tap into your bodily wisdom in this medical decision-making process. Many people say they find relief and confidence in their choice. I have written an article relating to Medical Decision Making, click here to read.

I conducted research evaluating the benefits of Clearing a Space (the first step of Focusing) for people recovering from cancer. The statistically significant results that show a lowering of depression and increase in positive body attitudes led to further research by others. These subsequent results continue to verify this approach. Article on Cancer Research.